Sunday, June 23, 2024


Astoria Journal is the Astoria’s largest locally owned, independent news platform. We specialize in hyperlocal coverage of the people, places and events that shape the communities we love. Our team of award-winning, Astoria-based, reporters are dedicated to bringing readers stories fast, first and forever free

Just a few years after launching our platform in December of 2012, generates more than 100,000 page views per month, making it one of Astoria’s fastest growing local news sites.

Our mission is to provide coverage of local government, crime, weather, roads, business, events and community happenings for readers who live within 50 miles of Astoria, Oregon.

The Astoria Journal isn’t just a news website – we’re an active, engaged member of the local community in Astoria and the other local areas, and we strive to serve the community in every way we can.

We follow up on the things our community cares about. We don’t tell you what the news is, our readers tell us. Sometimes that means a paragraph, sometimes just a picture, and sometimes it’s a lot more. Regardless of what form our content takes, the goal is to let you decide what’s important.